Do you still remember when you were still a kid and adults ask you, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I bet most of you answered that you want to be a doctor or nurse, without batting an eyelash. Every kid I know during my childhood dreams to wear white- to be in doctors' uniforms or nursing uniforms. Well, when you are child, it doesn't really matter. You just discover the specifics later in life. Whatever catches your fancy, is magic!

That dream wasn't for me, though. Even as a small girl, I'm not fond of following trends. Either I make my own, or I choose the 'road less traveled'. And while everyone else is raving about curing, nursing, and making people well in their mini custom made scrubs, I visualize myself as a police officer- riding a motorcycle, chasing outlaws and making the world a safer place. My career choice then didn't really come as a surprise because my father is a military officer, and that explains my amusement with being a defender and law enforcer myself.

Although I did not pursue the medical profession, I am surrounded by friends and relatives who have the heart and passion for the vocation. I’m really happy to see them reach out and touch the lives of others, while fulfilling their dreams. I always pray for them because I believe it takes a lot of patience and dedication to serve others. This way, I am able to partake in their mission even without a hospital scrub uniform to express my intention.

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