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As I always say, I'm just a shoe lover and not an expert. And since that is the case,  I would like to share an expert's take on what our shoes say about us, instead:

The Perfect Fit is a study in defining what your personality type is based on your shoes. With thirty chapters (or shoe-moods!) inside, each dedicated to shoe girls ranging from the barefoot girl to the clog girl to the Stiletto girl to the cowboy boot girl. Learn all about what your shoes say about you as well as fashion and career tips based on your shoe choices, and what shoes you should go for based on your personality. Get fashion tips based on your personality type, and find out what the perfect pair is for your state of mind.

Meghan Cleary has been dubbed the “shoe-ologist” by everyone from Isaac Mizrahi to FOX morning news — let her help you discern your shoe choices based on your shoe personality.

Download these FREE sneak peek SAMPLE CHAPTERS:

Stiletto Girl
Cowboy Boot Girl
Sneaker Girl
Classic Conservative Pump
Mary Jane Girl
Open Toe Shoe Girl

*Due to high demand, The Perfect Fit is sold out in-stores and there is limited quantity available online at or Order one (or five for all your girlfriends!) today.

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