LEG-GO Stilettos courtesy of Finn Stone

Are you bold, fun and adventurous enough to wear these colorful babies?

Created by British artist Finn Stone, these funky shoes made an appearance at the Affordable Art Fair in London.

"I was never allowed Legos as a kid, so in a way, this was like going back to childhood. I got to act like a big kid while still creating art."

"I like the idea of taking something serious like a pair of plain stilettos and turning them into something artistic and beautiful. The use of Legos is a throwback to youth." Stone said.

His LEG-GO Stilettos originally priced at around $2,600, were made especially for art shows and not for commercial purposes. But if you are serious about owning one, you can email him  and discuss how you want those cute little blocks designed in your custom pair.

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