Dress for Success

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In our family, there are six nurses - all of them my cousins. Three of them are already working abroad, while the other three are fresh graduates and board passers. I also have a lot of nurse-friends who are doing well around the world. I am practically surrounded by nurses! I almost became a nurse myself, but I faint at the sight of too much blood, that I did not even bother to check my Nursing entrance exam result in college.

Whenever I check my cousins' and friends' photos on social networks, I feel happy to see them at their respective workplaces donning nursing scrubs in different forms. And although they are all wearing the prescribed scrub clothing, they still manage to express their personalities through individual styling. Thanks to the variety of designs available in the market today, the more formal ones can still go for the classic look of solid colors, while the more adventurous ones can incorporate prints and patterns in their uniforms.

One of the keys to a happy and successful career is to make it enyojable. So why not dress for success and have fun mixing and matching your scrub tops and pants, while you're at it?

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