For Sophie Kinsella books fanatics and the shopaholic in all of us, this is definitely a must-watch film. It's going to hit Philippine theaters this coming February 18, just after V-day. I can't wait to see this!

Here is a preview of the movie trailer "Confessions of a Shopaholic," a film based on the bestselling novel by Sophie Kinsella, which stars Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood. You gotta lurveee this teaser!

You can read my own shopaholic confessions HERE. :)

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Where can you get all the timeless classics of romance: sweets, flowers, music, and a good old love story in one stop this February? At the Power Plant Mall!

Power Plant’s Valentine’s fair, entitled Rockwell Valentine’s kicked off last February 6 with the revival of Baker’s Dozen at the Concourse, featuring a variety of our favorite goodies from the best home-based bakers. Go stall hopping, sample sweets and other yummy delights and bring home a box of treats for your special someone.

You can get your lovely blooms from the Flower Fair which will open on February 9 at the North Court, and experience a romantic serenade from Kadense’s styling on strings or the soulful sax music of Vince Lahorra on Valentine’s day.

To make the love month celebration more romantic, Power Plant Cinema will feature the Audrey Hepburn Film Fest, which will run from February 11-15. Relive classic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, Sabrina, Roman Holiday, and other unforgettable performances from the famous movie and style icon who has inspired generations of hopeless romantics.

Don’t forget to check out for sweet deals and discounts from a number of participating stores and restaurants around the mall!

Visit or call 898.1702 for more details.


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Need I say more? Trek to Debenhams Trinoma (Level 2), Shang-rila Plaza Mall (3rd Level), Glorietta 4 (3rd Level) and Rustan’s Makati now until February 21, 2009, and enjoy shopping! :)

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