My "Glass" Slippers
I couldn't resist!

When I first saw this pair, I didn't think twice. I knew I had to get it. Call me impulsive, but I've been meaning to get this style for a couple of months now. I was just waiting for the big slash off on the regular price, but the local brands only gave a maximum of 10% discount the last time they went on sale.

So I waited and waited, which was a good thing, because I recently passed by a bazaar that sells imported shoes. They are selling the exact same style for only a quarter of the original price of the ones at the mall! I even felt a little guilty after I successfully haggled for a much lower price, as it was already cheap to begin with.

Finally! I get to feel like Cinderella in these light pink "glass slippers" (of course it's plastic, silly), but this one has steel inside inside the heel - the perfect killer heels! :)

What do you think?

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I have a confession to make. At my age, I’m not quite done playing dress up Barbie, just yet.

Before I proceed, please allow me to do a little flashback first.

We are only 2 children in the family. Two girls. My Mom seldom buys RTW clothes for me and my sister. She designs our clothes and then commissions a seamstress to make them in pair. Most often, people see us dressed up like twins.

Mom knows how to sew as well, no wonder my sister developed love for the same, and ended up as a fashion designer. She is actually a Medical Technologist turned flight attendant, turned fashion designer. Well, sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize one’s real passion, huh.

I, on the other hand was limited to sketching designs and picking up cheap chic clothing (pieces that I think are fashionable at discounted prices). I don’t know my way around a sewing machine, more so in doing cross stitch projects or anything that involves needle and thread. I’m a patient person, but I don’t know why sewing exasperates me. *sighs*

Fashion-wise, I always stay on the safe side and don’t dress up trendy all the time. I’m more into safe and classic cuts and pieces; but I can pull off wearing bright colors only some dare to wear, and low than average necklines.

When I had my Little Lady, I never thought I’d be fulfilling my fashion dreams and frustrations. Yes, I do want to dress up and accessorize more. Well, I told you I wasn’t quite over with playing dress-up yet. The only difference then was I’m playing with my small Barbie dolls. Now, I’m dressing up a real Barbie - my live Barbie.

I usually get frustrated with shopping for children clothing, because I’m not satisfied with generic designs that usually end up in children’s closets of half the city’s population. But I’m still lucky to stumble upon interesting pieces every now and then that I just mix along with matching accessories.

Good thing the Little Lady manages to look good in whatever she wears; branded or not. Well, I’m her mother, alright. ‘Nuff said. :)

Let me share some of her stuff and treasures:

Small girly bags

These are 3 of her favorite small girly bags: maroon Guess croc, white LV lookalike and a shiny gold pouch.

Headbands galore

For somebody who has very long hair, headbands are a must. These are some pieces I was able to gather from all over the house. They're just everywhere!

Blings & Things

Some of her 'treasures', as she calls them. It's a collection of mixed accessories. But mostly you can see faux stones/gems along with shiny and glittery pieces. Yes, there are also Murano beads and rubber butterfly clips. We just love them!

Shoes collection

Again, these are some of her footwear that are in the shoe rack at the moment. The rest are stationed somewhere all over the house.

My Barbie

Meet my Barbie. Maybe next time we can take a peek in her closet. :)

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