So I turned a year older last week, and that explains the break I took from this blog.

Anyways, my schedule was busy and a little cluttered last week - busy with all sort of stuff offline (read: work and family), online (read: Facebook), and cluttered with issues that needed to be prioritized. Also, I've been 'Facebook-ing' more than usual, and if you'll read my post here, you'd understand why.

Well, I'm back with new - yes, shoes!

Gold Sandal Heels - a gift from my sister...

Mustard Yellow Open Toe and...

Green Pumps - gifts from myself! ;-)

Now here's the best part: I got the mustard yellow and green shoes from one of my favorite shoe stores (where I also got these), and they were on super sale. I only shelled out a little over $6 for both pairs!

I don't have green and yellow shoes yet in my shoe collection (I think most people don't), so I thought they would be a great addition to the group. It got a little crazy in the store with shoes selling like hotcakes, so I had to act and decide really fast. Whew!

Apart from all the love and thoughts that my family and friends (the most important people in my life) gave me on my special day, it only took $6 to complete my happy birth day. :)

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