Blog advertising is fast becoming a hot new avenue for companies to advertise their products and offerings, through the perspective of ordinary people who give real opinions and experiences. More advertisers are becoming aware of the benefits of promoting their products through this new medium.

Regular advertising through print, TV or radio ads send out messages on a less personal level. The public is shown images, sounds and ad copies with the company’s message, and that’s it. We are used to being spoon-fed with stuff we might like; things we generally don’t have any idea about. We only get to show what we think about it when we purchase the product and give it a try. Don’t we all wish for someone to tell us if a product actually works or not in real life?

Blog advertising, which is pretty much like word of mouth marketing, helps us with that. It reaches out more to us - the readers and prospective clients, by giving us a chance to interact and react to the product being advertised. Bloggers, comprised mostly of moms and dads writing their way to earn extra income online, turn out to be just the right people to write about products by giving their actual experiences and views on choosing the best deals in the market. I must say that they are also credible experts in their own right.

Paying Post makes blog advertising possible and effective by connecting advertisers and bloggers together. Advertisers can choose the kind of bloggers who will write for their campaign through a set of requirements, criteria or segmentation, while bloggers on the other hand, choose opportunities to write about and post it in their blogs.

Still want to know more? Whether you are an advertiser who would like to take a shot at blog advertising, or a blogger who would like to earn extra doing honest reviews, then check out Paying Post now and navigate their new user-friendly layout for more facts and information.



OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Thanks for the info! I will check it out ASAP ~ as we can all use a little boost in the networking department - eh??!!

Nina said...

This is an excellent post. I don't think people realize the true power of blogging.

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