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Sales are all around and people just love to squeeze themselves in the crowded malls to beat the Christmas rush.

Okay, maybe not all of us fancy that claustrophobic activity. I, for one, shop way too early to avoid it. But still I can't help but do the few last minute trips to the mall to finish off my Christmas gift list.

We end up out of cash, energy and ideas simultaneously, and yet there's that smile on our faces - the 'high' we get for finding something special for our friends and loved ones. Ah, Christmas and the spirit of giving.

I'm still not even halfway done with my list yet, and this year, I'll be cramming for sure. I did get a few things for myself though. Well this seldom happens, as I get stuff for everybody first before I remember to get a thing or two for myself.

Let me share what I got over the long weekend:

And yes, the shiny red shoes are flats. It's rare that I buy myself flats, but I SO had to get this one because it's in my all time favorite color. :) The brown wedge shoes would be my new low office shoes (I have two stilettos always on standby for short distance affairs), while the blue wedge sling can be worn casually with jeans.

These are not exactly the ones on my wish list, but did I mention I got all these for less than $15? Not bad, huh? :)

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Jennifer T. said...

Wow! You sound just like me! I went out on Black Friday and got....a pair of shoes for me and nothing for anyone else! But they were supercute and only $4! Love your site!

Jennifer T said...

I tried to comment but something happened so if you get this twice, I'm sorry!
You sound just like me! I went out on Black Friday and got....a pair of shoes for myself! And that's it. But they were only $4! How do you say no to that! Love your site!

Karen said...

Wow 3 pair of shoes for less than $15!! That is awesome! Great job!

Emily Retherford said...

I love the shoes!!! and 3 pair for less than $15. i wouldn't have made it out of the store LOL

Mama and Hustler???
Great MOMS Think Alike

mirage2g said...

whoa! 3 pairs..I can't blame you since this is both our weakness! Bought for the past month 5 shoes and now am still waiting in eternity for the red boots lol! Apir tayo!

UPrinting said...

$15 is still a lot. But judging from the looks of these shoes, it's not so bad that you had to pay such a big amount. I love the brown one, btw. Looks really elegant. :)

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