Christmas is almost a month away and I wonder what Santa has in store for me this year. Hmm... I've been a good girl, so far. :)

Everybody feels the economic crunch nowadays; and this holiday season, let's face it, would be different for most of us - materially speaking. Who's not tightening his or her belt these days, huh?

In times like this, we should not frustrate ourselves by thinking of things we couldn't have. Instead, why not make a list of the things we wish to have? Of course, this is apart from peace, love and happiness that we want in our lives most of all.

Visualizing things we want in our lives can be quite empowering. If you've read about The Secret, then you'll be able to relate with this thought. Moreover, I've always believed in random acts of kindness and the innate goodness of people from all walks of life. Who knows, somewhere out there, someone would be kind enough to make your wish come true.

Forgive me if this seems all too childish to you. I have a confession to make; I am actually a girl trapped in the body of a 30ish woman. And yes, deep in my subconscious, I still want to believe that Santa does exist. So there.

Since I lurve high heels a lot, I chose to put together a collection of shoes I'd love to see in my shoe closet. Well, technically this is not a list, unless everything is itemized. But I hope you get the idea. As you can see, it's pretty obvious that I have color leanings. ^^, In real life, I always go for style without the high price tag. But in this case, I did not mind throwing in some designer shoes in the group. This is after all, a wish list. So why put a limit?

Do you have your own wish list? I'd love to take a peek!

P.S. You too, can make your own fashion compilation at Polyvore. Experiment and have some fun!

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Deep inside most women’s closet lies a pair on a hanger; some, neatly folded and stashed in obscurity, while the rest stay in a special luggage or box where everything else is just about the same size.

How did you store yours?

We were, at some point in our lives, in a shape and size we wish we could have stayed in forever. But as we grew older, we ate more and exercised less, dieted more yet lost weight less, our body’s metabolism has gone to snail pace mode and every part of us just keeps getting bigger.

Like any sentimental person, we pack the clothes we ‘outgrew for future use. Just in case we get back to our normal size. No - we believe with conviction that we will eventually get back where everything will fit again and will not give up until it does.

Keep, Sell or Donate?

A few years and several increases in size after, we ponder: Should I keep, sell or just donate?

Keep – we can choose to hang on to the thought that we will shrink back to our desired size without doing anything, except for wishful thinking to achieve it and let it gather some more cobwebs while taking space in our closet.

Sell or Donate – either way, it gives us benefits. Free some space and get cash from a sale, or donate to the less fortunate and make both them and ourselves happy.

I posted about The Principle of Emptiness on my other blog, and I recommend that you take some time to read it. When you contemplate about its essence, you will realize that it’s necessary to let go of old and useless things to make room for something new.

So what if we don’t fit into those skinny jeans anymore? So what if we have grown twice in size? It doesn’t change how special we are inside. What's important is, “those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter.”

Enjoy and flaunt what you have in the here and now and let go of what used to be. Love who you are and the shape you're in.

Let your inner beauty shine!

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