Okay, okay.

I know it sounds like I’m contradicting myself here, but let’s get real. Just like with most things we love (ex. Chocolates), we get warnings here and there why we should not, for crying out loud, patronize high heels.

Life is indeed just. Everything, including beautiful things, has a negative side to it.

Remember, they are not called “killer high heels” for nothing.

Experts Say…

According to experts, wearing high heels alter the way we walk, as it puts the center of our gravity to the ball of our foot. It also pushes up the hip bones, resulting to complaints of sore neck and shoulders, which can lead to serious back problems as well.

Moreover, research shows that its prolonged use can cause the Achilles tendon (which connects the calf muscle to the heel bone) to shorten, making it difficult to wear flats again.

Click on the image for more gruesome facts and details.

Doctors suggest the following to prevent injury:

~ Wear high heels in moderation (or just do away with it).
~ Rest your feet in between use; let your heel feel the ground for at least a few hours each day.
~ Spend two hours a day in low shoes.
~ Do calf stretches.

Beauty is Pain

We cannot deny the fact that despite horror stories of ugly bunions, inflamed tendons, pump bumps, broken ankles and other varieties of foot disfiguration among a long list of disadvantages, high heels still elongate our legs, give our calves a good dose of toning and they make us feel every inch of a sexy woman, regardless of size. It undoubtedly gives that extra oomph to one's sex appeal.

They say beauty is synonymous with pain, especially for someone who is not naturally endowed.

It’s a choice. You can either go for it, or just live with (or without) it.



Alicia said...

I agree...no pain to gain.


mirage2g said...

ah yes, Beauty suffers...I wear red but no heels!! lol as you see in my last post no? Congrats on this one Kc, keep it up! Hope I get the time to devote more on mine =(

U.Lee said...

Hi, was at Bluedreamer's place noticed your pic....did a U turn pop over here.
Nice blog.
I guess you're right re these high heels. But beauty knows no bounds even suffering for it, ha ha.
But still, a lady in slacks or jeans sure looks nice in high heels. Bet you do too, ha ha.
You have a nice day and keep well, Lee.

Vhiel said...

I still love heels no matter what... I know it comes with price though... I got so used to wearing shoes with heels that when its time to wear sneakers or anything flats.. i don't know how to walk with it.. i have to re learn it.. I feel so tiny wearing those flats.. although I am tiny.. that's why I wear high heel...

Mar Matthias Darin said...

I personally don't see how high heeled shoes add to a women beauty when the expression of her face is anything but. I perfer seeing the inner beauty show through when her face is not wracked with pain. To me, beauty is more about confidence and self esteem...

KCee said...

@ Alicia

Yes, every goal does entail hard work. :)

@ Gizelle

I noticed you love the color as well. :) Thanks for dropping by, girl!

@ U.Lee

Thanks for making that U turn! Hope you can do another towards my other blog as well. :)
I visited your blog and I find it interesting. I love your fashion recommendations too! You seem to understand women very well. Please come by again soon. :)

@ Vhiel

Glad to know you’re a fellow “heeler”. ^^,
After wearing heels for a long time, I noticed that my feet get easily tired wearing flats so I had to rest it for sometime. But it’s too irresistible to wear, so I’m back to wearing them again. :)

@ Mar

I also believe that beauty springs from within, and confidence is still one of the best beauty enhancers.

But high heels, just like make up and diet, has grown into something of a psychological issue with women. It has created a strong mindset; thanks to media and advertising companies.

By the way, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Do visit again soon! :)

anneberly said...

added this on my blogroll and I updated your other blog's URL .. Thanks Kcee
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KCee said...

@ Anneberly

Thanks for the add and the update! :)

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