Duh! You mean, you DON’T own a pair of Havies?!

I could just imagine the look on a devoted Havaianas junkie, er, aficionado’s face.

No, I don't live under a rock. So I don’t own a pair, does it make me a fashion outcast?

These overrated flip-flops have successfully planted itself deep in the hearts of fashion lovers and trend chasers that it seems obscure not to be within this big circle nowadays.

Its devoted cult followers are not limited to fashionistas, socialites and trendsetters; but they also include kids (obviously, the adults decide for them), students, average women, men, gay and metrosexuals alike.

The infamous slippers, just like any signature brand, have spawned a lot of fakes, imitations or replicas, as some sellers would rather call it. It started from the generic Havanas, sans the ‘ia’, that actually became the national household slipper for sometime. A pair can be bought for less than $1 or 5% of the price of its original counterpart. Sweet.

Then people got really creative and made versions that look and spell like the real thing. Only junkies by heart – aficionados, I mean, can easily spot a fake, or OCs (Obsessive Compulsives) who don’t bother to wait for someone’s foot to flip to look if the slippers bear the Brazil trademark.

Okay, I admit to owning a pair of Havanas. Oh, wipe out that smirk on your face. I bought mine last year, one fateful night at a department store, after I had a little shoe accident while on my way home.

That time, I was left with no choice, as the rest of the flip flops were ridiculously priced at P150-P250 (roughly $4-$5). Call me stingy, but I would never shell out more than P60 for a pair of slippers!

So there it was, in different pretty colors, designs and sizes, at 3 pairs for P100. Cool! The pink pair I got that night became my household slipper, and I'm happy to say that it’s still comfy and sturdy as ever to this date. One of the best valued purchases I made, I must say. For P35, it served me well.

Why can’t I get myself to buy the real thing?

Some minimum wage earners and street vendors manage to own a pair, why can’t I? They are trendy, comfy, durable, etcetera, etcetera.

Well, it is for the simple, yet pragmatic reason that regardless of whatever status it has gained in the fashion industry and the number of fans worldwide it has garnered, the fact doesn't change that they are still, slippers made out of rubber (regardless of what it is they claim to put in their secret rubber formula). And rubber slippers, in my opinion, should not cost more than shoes (unless they are made of gold or have gems in them).

For the record, I already attempted a number of times to get one, but the thought of being able to buy 3 expensive looking branded shoes on sale with that amount, stops me every time.

Now, don’t give me that look. I have nothing against it; I just can’t convince myself to buy it.

But, if you see me one of these days sporting a pair of Havaianas, it could only mean 5 things:

1. The one who committed to give me a pair finally kept his promise.
2. It was given as a gift.
3. It was on sale at 80% off.
4. I suffered from temporary insanity and got myself one at regular price.
5. Someone who read this post felt the need to send me one. (f you must know, I prefer the High look in red (so predictable!) or any metallic High. Just email me for my shipping address. ^J^)

Havaianas Play Back Event at Bonifacio High Street

Incidentally, I stumbled upon an event that might just interest Havaianas fans in the Philippines. Go and Hav some fun! :-)

Havaianas invites your whole family to Play Back—an event to enjoy good old local street games. Come together to play retro games in style and relive the irreplaceable memories of traditional Filipino fun.


Date: October 25, 2008
Venue: Bonifacio High Street (in front of All Flip-Flops)
Time: 12 noon – 9 pm

Photos courtesy of www.havaianasphilippines.com



SHIELA said...

sis here havainas is on sale for 70% off right now kasi mag wi winter na but still i'm not convinced with that type of slipper. sabi pa nang husband ko when i tried it kasi mura na. sabi nya i looked like from the bukid daw :)

Mye said...

when all of my friends seems so fascinated with this very expensive slippers, i don't know why i can't have a heart to buy one for me, when i saw ladies wearing that even in their office uniforms, i don't understand if they ever knew that sometimes it doesn't look good at all.

btw sis, i have a tag for you =)


Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

What is funny is I was gifted a pair also? As comfy as they are, I would not bought them myself.


Gem said...

I live in the mountains, and we have Havaianas shop here.

But like you I have no need for these lovely slippers. I often stay at home than going out. I'd rather spend the money for important things.

KCee said...

Hi guys, thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments!

@ Shiela

Wow, that's a super sale! Here, the most that you could get, I think, is 30% off. They are so hot here that's why the stores never go that low. :)

@ Mye

Some people think that just because they are expensive, they could already substitute shoes to go with all outfits.

Btw, thanks for the tag! :)

@ Alicia

Good to know we share the same sentiments. :) It's still shoes or sexy sandals for me.

@ Gem

Sorry for the sentence, I never meant to offend anyone with that cliche.Peace! :)

Anyways, I agree that money should be spent on more important things; to prioritize needs first, before wants.

sheilamarie said...

*whispers* i still prefer my Islander. I even travel on the plane with them on as I find them very comfortable xD

Gem said...

Okay with me. :) It's usually an expression.

KCee said...

@ sheilamarie

Yeah, good old dependable Islander! They are really comfy and not as expensive. :)

@ Gem

Thanks for understanding. :)

mirage2g said...

I dont own one too, for same reasons as you...but I do have Bündchen's slippers :D

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