Who's Wearing Red Heels?

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I am a writer-by-heart. Struggling freelance graphic artist. Single stagemom. Dreamer. Sentimental. Hopeful romantic. Stubborn. Strong-willed. But through it all, I'm forever an optimist.

"I find beauty in the worst situations. It’s a gift, but it’s also a state of mind. So it can be done."

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I've always been fascinated with shoes. Most especially beautiful, 'hard-to-walk-in-impossible-looking' shoes that only some dare to wear in real life.

Wearing heels give me a different kind of high.

Okay, I'm being totally mental with that statement. But being elevated two to four inches higher not only adds length, but also gives the wearer a certain air of class, as it compels her to maintain proper posture to achieve an overall stylish look.

Apart from the idea of 'feeling' (not 'being', because that's not always the case) beautiful while in these shoes, in a deeper sense, it can also represent empowerment and courage to lift one's stature. After all, making ourselves shine above the rest is as hard as fitting into these shoes, walking in them, tripping most of the time, and getting corns and calluses along the way before achieving skillful mastery.

Welcome to my new blog! Please join me as I endeavor to write about a single woman's view of the world while striding in high heels.

If you will notice, I chose not to go barefooted in my second home. :)

P.S. Most importantly, I love anything in red and fuchsia. ^^,



Ronnie said...

Hmmm..."Lady in Red Hills" ...sounds like a 'sexy' (in the real sense of the word) blog to frequent huh.

Kudos on the choice of template and this new blogging venture.

Best of luck Kcee! ^^,


Cielo said...

Hi sis, Ive already added this blog and editted the other one,

goodluck and more power...Pinay bloggers, let us keep on blogging

KCee said...

Hi Ronnie,

Thank you for being the first to leave a comment here. :) I appreciate the support more than you know (the 1 year ad still makes me smile until now ^^).

It's hard to live up to the 'sexy' image, though. ^_^


KCee said...

Hi Cielo,

Thanks for the update, the add and the greetings! :)

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