Come on, admit it.

Somewhere, somehow, you have already worn or even imagined yourself donning a sexy costume in one of your hidden fantasies. Some may call it taboo, but let's get real.

Women are sexy by nature. What keeps us different from each other is how we view ourselves as such and how we present or send the message across. The effort should not be primarily aimed at pleasing somebody else, but most importantly, I believe that being sexy for oneself first, is one of the most natural ways of celebrating womanhood.

We come in different shapes and sizes; yet society’s standards and perception of what a sexy woman looks like, should not stop us from expressing our inner sexy self. Men would agree that there will always be something unique about every woman that sets her apart from the rest.

What works for others may work differently for you. It’s up to you to discover what makes you extra special.

When I was younger, I never understood the need for sexy and expensive undergarments. Nobody sees them anyway. But as I matured and passed through the different levels of womanhood, I realized why it’s also important to feel good about oneself, which comes in different ways, but all aimed at boosting self esteem and self love.

Yes, the inner bunny in me also wants to wear something nice that will make me feel every inch a goddess. I don’t have to show it to someone or the world; just having that feeling of being beautiful on the inside as well already spells a big difference.

Need a little help?

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Go and celebrate the bunny in you!



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