Baby High Heels, Anyone?

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Speaking of high heels, I thought I should talk about heels while I'm still in this embryonic moment and feeling all heel-y.

When I first saw this pair at Heelarious.com, I fell in love with it! I would have gotten this for my Little Lady without thinking twice! Of course, it's in fuchsia pink patent with a cute satin zebra print lining. Any baby will look adorable in this pretty pair.

These are actually "crib shoes designed to look like high heels" as described in their website. I also love the purse-shaped packaging with that oh-so-big rhinestone and the cute heart tag.

I'm amazed on how people come up with creative ideas like this. Sometimes I also cook up great ideas in my head that don't reach the implementation stage.

Hmm... *thinks hard* :)

Image courtesy of www.heelarious.com



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