Thousands will come together at the Rockwell Tent on October 30 & 31, 2008 as the finest event of the year unfolds, the 1st shopping soiree in the country! Get ready for the greatest shopping experience of your life! Luxe: a luxury shopping event...

Get ready for two full days of exciting shopping splendor from Manila’s top up and coming intrepid local designers of clothes such as Salsatrends, LIMB by Dimple Lim, Purple Fairy, Soulier, Susto Manila, The Gallerie, Princessa Clothing, Athena's Closet, Baligyanako and Fashion Insider. We will also be showcasing Defacto Jeans, which offers customized jeans fit to your own body type & request!

There will also be imported brands of clothes such as Chloe, Forever 21, BCBG, Armani, Bebe, Charlotte Russ, Marc Ecko, and more from Mykee Boutique and from other independent retailers! We also have Silveraxis which manufactures men's wear exclusively sold in Macy's in the US and Rainstorm will be bringing in dresses from Pakistan. Plus, get the chance to garb yourself with authentic Indian Kurtis and Saris care of D’jharna.

Plus, footwear labels like Sueno De Espadrilles who directly imports authentic espadrilles from Spain, gladiator sandals from Cocobelle, Melissa Do for her elegant shoe designs and chic flats from Soulfeet by Andrea, as well as updated trendy sandals and bags from Sugarism.

Take home vintage-inspired accessories from Sundrench and Temptstation, creatively designed beaded pieces from Mau Accessories, personalized thumb prints from Love Prints, Pakistan-made accessories from Rainstorm, unique pieces from Blandior and intricately designed watches for men and women from Imagere Watch Collection.

Abb Manlapaz Jewellery, a new jewellery line will also be debuting its fine jewellery collection in the event.

For bagaholics, it's your dream come true as we showcase authentic designer bags such as the highly coveted Chanel 2.55, Bottega Veneta's Shoulder bag, Balenciaga bags, YSL's, Prada bags, Goyard, the classic Louis Vuitton collection, Hermes and more all from Purse Podium. You should also check out the chic laptop bags and stylish diaper bags from Sacs n Packs Handbags. Plus, organize your stuff with the functional carry-all bags from Bags by Two Oranges!

Check out Sparty! They will be launching their on-site spa services & spa organic essentials. While you’re at it, you can also check out the world-famous Minus 417 Beauty Products from Holy Land, renowned for their beauty products with active ingredients produced from minerals directly from the Dead Sea in Jerusalem. As you go around, you will also find the latest cosmetics line, scents and perfumes, high end home and office décors, gadget-related accessories designed for the ladies, pooch trinkets, and so much more surprises and special discounts.

Wrap all these treasure finds with unique and eye catching prints from The Wrap Shop located just at the corner inside the tent.

Of course, a girly-girl’s day out would not be complete without sweets! Get a taste of Manila’s best and other new and mouth-watering desserts from Cafe Xocolat, authentic Russian cookies from Russian Cookie House, Belgian pralines & truffles from Chocolates By Benoit, Krispy Krepe, and of course the infamous Froyo's Frozen Yogurt will be there, too!

Be graced by Manila's 'culinaire extraordinaire' as they bring to you unparalleled world cuisine from all all corners of the globe! Get a taste of the delightful Baklavas and Sobyets from Turkish-specialty makers Anatolia Cuisine. There will also be Korean barbecue and other specialties. What else could top off the no calorie organic gourmet breads from Light and Wubly! Along with the classic 'Pinoy Specialties' we offer Ginang Bukid, who is touted as the makers of the best maja blanca in town. They've also whipped up their menu with freshly made traditional breads and pandesals right off the oven! Also, Aida's Puto Cake, which is actually the largest puto cake ever will be making its public debut!

Luxe shopping soiree will be treating you with complimentary beverages from Tropicana Twister Juicy Pulp, Gatorade Propel Vitamin Water and enjoy the aroma of classic coffee flavor from Nescafe while you shop around. Plus, you’ll be privileged to have deliciously filled goodie bags containing premium items from Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Oracare mouthrinse, Biolink VCO, & Biolink Tea Tree Oil and more luxury giveaways.

Oh, did we mention complimentary health & beauty services from Lay Bare Waxing Salon exclusively available during the event? All these and more as you groove along the exquisite music selections during the entire event to complement your party mood.

Head on to Luxe: a luxury shopping event at the Rockwell Tent on October 30 & 31, 2008 for the 1st shopping soiree in the Philippines!

Indulge, enjoy, relax, shop, get pampered and be treated like a princess—you know you deserve it! Doors open at 10AM.

Special acknowledgement are also attributed to Sugar Sugar Magazine, Manila Bulletin's Manila Style Weekend, Pinoy Exchange, Click The City, Jam 88.3, Lay Bare Waxing Salon, Fox Adworks Printing Corporation, HTL Summit Inc., Tropicana Twister Juicy Pulp, Gatorade Propel Vitamin Water, Nescafe Coffee, Biolink VCO, Biolink Tea Tree Oil, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, and Oracare mouthrinse.
Entrance Fee: P100

Want FREE tickets?

~ Simply call Jam 88.3 at 631-8803 when you hear the start of the promo/ticket giveaway and win yourself 2 tickets to the shopping soiree!

~ Visit Click the City for a chance to win 2 tickets for the event!

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Come on, admit it.

Somewhere, somehow, you have already worn or even imagined yourself donning a sexy costume in one of your hidden fantasies. Some may call it taboo, but let's get real.

Women are sexy by nature. What keeps us different from each other is how we view ourselves as such and how we present or send the message across. The effort should not be primarily aimed at pleasing somebody else, but most importantly, I believe that being sexy for oneself first, is one of the most natural ways of celebrating womanhood.

We come in different shapes and sizes; yet society’s standards and perception of what a sexy woman looks like, should not stop us from expressing our inner sexy self. Men would agree that there will always be something unique about every woman that sets her apart from the rest.

What works for others may work differently for you. It’s up to you to discover what makes you extra special.

When I was younger, I never understood the need for sexy and expensive undergarments. Nobody sees them anyway. But as I matured and passed through the different levels of womanhood, I realized why it’s also important to feel good about oneself, which comes in different ways, but all aimed at boosting self esteem and self love.

Yes, the inner bunny in me also wants to wear something nice that will make me feel every inch a goddess. I don’t have to show it to someone or the world; just having that feeling of being beautiful on the inside as well already spells a big difference.

Need a little help?

The Bunny Shop specializes in sexy garments and help women achieve the look they want. Browse the shop’s latest offerings for something that might tickle your fancy. They currently have discounted products until November 6th at midnight (no coupons needed), so be sure to check them out as well. Here are some good steals:

Floral Lace Bra & Boyshort Special: Buy Both for $29
Official Playboy Rabbit Head Necklace & Rhinestone-Eye Stud Earrings: Buy Both for Only $39
Mesh Lace Thong Special: Buy 3 for Only $12
Sexy Sequin Boyleg Panty Special: Buy 3 for Only $15
Men's Loungewear Sale: Buy Any 3 $19 Boxers for Only $36
Shop Sensual Cosmetics that bring you Sexy Textures, Colors & Finishes: Select Items Now 20% Off
Floating Teardrop Thong: Buy 3 for $15
FREE Ground Shipping on All Costume Orders- Order Now in Time for Halloween!

Go and celebrate the bunny in you!


Robinsons is at it again! Enjoy another early shopping experience at the Month-end Sale on October 27-31, 2008 (until midnight on October 30) and enjoy up to 50% discount on selected items.

Debenhams Holiday Offer

Debenhams, Britain’s favorite store is having its own Holiday Offer, giving up to 50% off discount on selected items until November 8, 2008.


Glorietta 4 – 3rd Level Rustans Makati
3rd Level, Shangrila Plaza Mall
Level 2, Trinoma

Manels and BDO Credit Cards Private Sale

Manels and BDO Credit Cards will have a Private Sale nationwide until October 31, 2008, offering 30% on all regular-priced items. Just use your BDO Credit Cards or Manels VIP card to avail of the offer.

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Shoes and bags, I just can’t get enough of them! *shivers*

This winning pair always goes hand in hand to complete an outfit and to add zest to one’s desired look. They are unarguably indispensable accessories to every woman’s wardrobe.

I usually get the same style in two to three colors and take pleasure in seeing them as permanent residents of my closet.

Yes, I’m your typical shoe and bag hag.

Whenever I go people watching, one of the sights that I really enjoy is seeing women who wear matching bags and shoes. I admire these women who seem to have plenty of time in their hands to coordinate their outfits and look their best, when I can't barely brush my hair more than twice a day.

As much as I plan to do the same, I’m the type who tends to have a favorite bag or shoes of the moment. I use the same set for sometime, then move on to the next and forget about the previous ones.

It’s seldom that I change bags within a two-week period, as I have too much stuff jumbled inside them. I just do it whenever necessary, or if it’s time to move on to the next flavor of the month.

The Good News

Designer bags are too expensive for a regular Jane, but now there are shops like that sell them at discounted prices! Check out my compilation of their latest offerings with FREE shipping worldwide:

Handbags from Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Marc Jacobs and many more at Discounted Prices from Shop Now!
Shop our Designer Collections at - Buy one get one 25% Off!
Buy 2-4 Items at and Get 25% discount on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Items! Shop Now!
Buy 5 Items or more at and Get 25% discount on all the items!
Receive a FREE Designer Gift with every purchase at Shop Now!

Who says beauty and style have to suffer in today's economic crunch? If there's a will, there's always a sale! ;-)

Shop for Designer Handbags & Wallets!

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Power Plant Mall invites you once again to Rockwell’s Urban Bazaar: Holiday Series, a hassle-free Christmas shopping experience happening on October 24-25 (Friday 12 nn-8 pm and Saturday 10 am-8 pm) at the Rockwell Tent.

With 80 booths that offer you the best products, discover a wide range of unique gift items, handmade goods, handbags, accessories, baby products, and a whole lot more!

Check these out!

Babinski Baby – for one-of-a-kind items such as “almost shows”, cute footwear for newborn babies, “babi pillow”- an essential item for new breastfeeding moms.

INDIGOBaby – for products that will enhance a mother’s relationship with her newborn with the snugbug belt bags and summer baby pouches.

Make Your Own Filpflops! - personalize your gift and create a special style for your loved ones.

Julena’s Lockets & Cameos and Sundari – for vintage inspired and handmade accessories.

U&I – known for their cute gift items for couples, these items will surely make your loved one special during this season.

Hello Lulu – they offer stylish laptop sleeves and canvas bags that suit any mood or season.

DRU & NJ Sneaks - will help men dress up for the upcoming holiday season.

Don’t miss this uber exciting event at the Rockwell Tent! Catch the Urban Bazaar Holiday Series on these dates: October 24-25, November 28-30 & December 12-14.

For more information, please call 8981702 or log on to


Duh! You mean, you DON’T own a pair of Havies?!

I could just imagine the look on a devoted Havaianas junkie, er, aficionado’s face.

No, I don't live under a rock. So I don’t own a pair, does it make me a fashion outcast?

These overrated flip-flops have successfully planted itself deep in the hearts of fashion lovers and trend chasers that it seems obscure not to be within this big circle nowadays.

Its devoted cult followers are not limited to fashionistas, socialites and trendsetters; but they also include kids (obviously, the adults decide for them), students, average women, men, gay and metrosexuals alike.

The infamous slippers, just like any signature brand, have spawned a lot of fakes, imitations or replicas, as some sellers would rather call it. It started from the generic Havanas, sans the ‘ia’, that actually became the national household slipper for sometime. A pair can be bought for less than $1 or 5% of the price of its original counterpart. Sweet.

Then people got really creative and made versions that look and spell like the real thing. Only junkies by heart – aficionados, I mean, can easily spot a fake, or OCs (Obsessive Compulsives) who don’t bother to wait for someone’s foot to flip to look if the slippers bear the Brazil trademark.

Okay, I admit to owning a pair of Havanas. Oh, wipe out that smirk on your face. I bought mine last year, one fateful night at a department store, after I had a little shoe accident while on my way home.

That time, I was left with no choice, as the rest of the flip flops were ridiculously priced at P150-P250 (roughly $4-$5). Call me stingy, but I would never shell out more than P60 for a pair of slippers!

So there it was, in different pretty colors, designs and sizes, at 3 pairs for P100. Cool! The pink pair I got that night became my household slipper, and I'm happy to say that it’s still comfy and sturdy as ever to this date. One of the best valued purchases I made, I must say. For P35, it served me well.

Why can’t I get myself to buy the real thing?

Some minimum wage earners and street vendors manage to own a pair, why can’t I? They are trendy, comfy, durable, etcetera, etcetera.

Well, it is for the simple, yet pragmatic reason that regardless of whatever status it has gained in the fashion industry and the number of fans worldwide it has garnered, the fact doesn't change that they are still, slippers made out of rubber (regardless of what it is they claim to put in their secret rubber formula). And rubber slippers, in my opinion, should not cost more than shoes (unless they are made of gold or have gems in them).

For the record, I already attempted a number of times to get one, but the thought of being able to buy 3 expensive looking branded shoes on sale with that amount, stops me every time.

Now, don’t give me that look. I have nothing against it; I just can’t convince myself to buy it.

But, if you see me one of these days sporting a pair of Havaianas, it could only mean 5 things:

1. The one who committed to give me a pair finally kept his promise.
2. It was given as a gift.
3. It was on sale at 80% off.
4. I suffered from temporary insanity and got myself one at regular price.
5. Someone who read this post felt the need to send me one. (f you must know, I prefer the High look in red (so predictable!) or any metallic High. Just email me for my shipping address. ^J^)

Havaianas Play Back Event at Bonifacio High Street

Incidentally, I stumbled upon an event that might just interest Havaianas fans in the Philippines. Go and Hav some fun! :-)

Havaianas invites your whole family to Play Back—an event to enjoy good old local street games. Come together to play retro games in style and relive the irreplaceable memories of traditional Filipino fun.


Date: October 25, 2008
Venue: Bonifacio High Street (in front of All Flip-Flops)
Time: 12 noon – 9 pm

Photos courtesy of


It's only 65 days before Christmas! Have you done your Christmas shopping? Don't forget to take advantage of these events to buy gifts at discounted prices:

Pre-Holiday Sale at

Starts October 17

Shops: Alabang Town center, Eastwood Citywalk 2, Festival Supermall, Glorietta, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Galleria, SM Bicutan, SM Megamall and Trinoma

Pre-Holiday Sale at Freeway

Starts October 17

Shops: Alimall, Ayala Center Cebu, Chimes Mall Davao, Edsa Central, Festival Mall, Glorietta, Island City Mall Bohol, Limketkai Mall CDO, Market! Market!, Pavilion Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Metro East, Robinsons Novaliches, Robinsons Place Manila, SM Bacoor, SM Bicutan, SM Clark, SM Dasmariñas, SM Fairview, SM Iloilo, SM Lucena, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa The Block, SM Pampanga, SM South Mall, SM Sucat and Trinoma

Pre-Holiday Sale at Solo

Starts October 17

Shops: Alabang Town center, Alimall, Festival Mall, Glorietta, Robinsons Galleria, SM Bicutan, SM Manila, SM The Block, SM Pampanga and Trinoma

Robinsons Group Big Brands Sale
(Topshop * Topman * Dorothy Perkins * Wallis * Warehouse * ToysRus * True Value)

October 25-26, 2008
10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Trion Towers Showroom
8th Avenue cor. Mckinley Parkway
Bonifacio Global City

Simply present your Go! Mastercard or Metrobank credit card at the gate.

Rockwell's Urban Bazaar Holiday Series
Rockwell Tent

October 24-25
November 28-30
December 12-14

Big Shoppesville Sale (up to 70% off)
until October 31
Greenhills Shopping Center

All Out Fridays Sale at Glorietta 1
(up to 70% off on selected items every Friday)
Until October 31.

SM Department Store Kids Sale
(up to 50% off on clothes, shoes, and accessories)
Until October 31

The Body Shop Sale (up to 50% off on selected items)
Until November 2

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The Charming Blog Award

Posted by KCee |

Thank you Entrepgirl for giving me the first ever award here! :-)

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”
I would like to present this award to Tales of a Pinay Single Mother, Mommawannabe, BlogNow 101, In The Life Of... "Mne", It's my party (and I'll cry if I want to...), Joan Joyce, Sasha's Corner and Mammadawg.


Advise Me Not

Posted by KCee |

I have big ears.

Metaphorically speaking, that is. My friends could attest that I’m a good – no – a great listener. You can talk for hours and you are assured of my undivided and sympathetic attention.

In short, I’m a friend who doubles as a good shock absorber.

Since I don’t talk much, I tend to listen more. Others don’t realize there’s a wealth of information that one learns from listening alone. It is wise to limit one's own airtime and listen to other voices aside from your own, once in a while.

Besides, I believe in the saying that the more you talk, the more you are likely to sin. So less talk means fewer mistakes; and no talk, no mistake. Agree?

Through the years, I’ve heard enough real-life dramas and juicy secrets good enough to be featured in soap operas and turn into blockbuster movies. Everybody has his own story to tell. Everybody has his own drama to share. Who doesn’t?

Although I’ve been in this ‘listening career’ for a long time, I can’t still get used to people who cry on my shoulder, seek for advice, and do exactly what I advise them NOT to do.

Sometimes, when you’ve been through irreparable mistakes in the past, it almost comes like second nature to save others, especially your friends and loved ones from making the same mistakes again.

“Been there, done that. Believe me, it doesn’t work.”

How many times have I said this and no one listened? As if it’s not enough that I already cried a river, wallowed in pain and got my heart broken and crushed because I was too stubborn to give up.

I'm a true blue optimist and my head may sometimes be over the clouds, but my feet are still flat on the ground (if I'm not in heels, that is). I'm still very much in touch with reality.

So if I can just whack a friend at the back of her head to give her a wake up call and spare her from all that, I would. But of course, it takes a lot more than that.

Brain surgery, perhaps?

Human nature dictates one’s inherent need to experience first, before learning takes place. Like children, no matter how you protect people from being hurt, they manage to get themselves into small accidents before they learn the lesson by heart, the hard way.

It takes a bruise, a wound, even a little blood to make them realize “I should have listened. I guess pain is a good, if not, the best teacher.

If you don't need it, why ask?

Not all people ask for advice because they need them.

While others are too confused to make their own judgment, I realized that most of them ask, to validate and gather votes for their own decisions. They seek for both sympathy and support, but not advice. I admire people who, regardless of the righteousness of their choices, stand firm for what they believe in.

I know this is all part of the profound meaning of friendship. *Dionne Warwick sings* "Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me for sure..." Ugh.

I love my friends like real siblings, but I'm the kind who will tell you as it is; not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. I will try to make you see what you are too disillusioned to realize.

Yes, I'm the type who will tell you if you have something stuck in your teeth, if you ate too much garlic, or if the clothes you're wearing are so not making you look thin.

I may seem like the villain in your you and me against the world love story and even hurt your feelings in the process, but isn't that real friendship all about?



Rockwell Power Plant Mall will hold a pre-Christmas Sale on October 17-19!

Do your early Christmas shopping and enjoy up to 70% off on these stores:

Aldo * Bayo * Bench * Celio * Ck Jeans * Classic * Charms * Don’t Miss @ Hip * Giordano * Girbaud * Home & Beyond * Kamiseta * Kashieca * Kids of Bayo * Landes & Hobbes * Madison * Mosaic * Officine * Ruth & Ester * Shoe Salon * Stoked Inc * Tbags & Shoes * Tint * Traffic * Tru * Tyler * Watch Republic * Wrap Shop *


October 17: Friday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
October 18: Saturday 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
October 19: Sunday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Jungle Jam

Don't know where to spend your Halloween celebration this year?

Check out Rockwell's Jungle Jam, an event filled with fun and exciting activities for the whole family! You can get your tickets at the Customer Service Desk of the Power Plant Mall.


P450 per child
P100 for every adult companion (inclusive of all activities)

For more information, please call 898.1702.

Photos courtesy of


October 26, 2008
Rockwell Tent
12:00 nn – 5:00 pm


Okay, okay.

I know it sounds like I’m contradicting myself here, but let’s get real. Just like with most things we love (ex. Chocolates), we get warnings here and there why we should not, for crying out loud, patronize high heels.

Life is indeed just. Everything, including beautiful things, has a negative side to it.

Remember, they are not called “killer high heels” for nothing.

Experts Say…

According to experts, wearing high heels alter the way we walk, as it puts the center of our gravity to the ball of our foot. It also pushes up the hip bones, resulting to complaints of sore neck and shoulders, which can lead to serious back problems as well.

Moreover, research shows that its prolonged use can cause the Achilles tendon (which connects the calf muscle to the heel bone) to shorten, making it difficult to wear flats again.

Click on the image for more gruesome facts and details.

Doctors suggest the following to prevent injury:

~ Wear high heels in moderation (or just do away with it).
~ Rest your feet in between use; let your heel feel the ground for at least a few hours each day.
~ Spend two hours a day in low shoes.
~ Do calf stretches.

Beauty is Pain

We cannot deny the fact that despite horror stories of ugly bunions, inflamed tendons, pump bumps, broken ankles and other varieties of foot disfiguration among a long list of disadvantages, high heels still elongate our legs, give our calves a good dose of toning and they make us feel every inch of a sexy woman, regardless of size. It undoubtedly gives that extra oomph to one's sex appeal.

They say beauty is synonymous with pain, especially for someone who is not naturally endowed.

It’s a choice. You can either go for it, or just live with (or without) it.


Enjoy up to 50% off on selected Topshop, Topman and Dorothy Perkins items until October 31!

Philippine Shops:

Level 2, Robinsons Galleria Mall, Edsa Cor. Ortigas Ave, Quezon City

2nd Level, Rustan's Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Edsa Cor. Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City

2nd Level, Alabang Town Center, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Level 3, The Podium, 18 Adb Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

Level 2, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Amapola Corner Estrella Street, Makati City

2nd Floor Of Main Mall, Sm Mall Of Asia, Sm Central Business Park, Bay City

Level M3, Trinoma Mall, Triangle North Of Makati, Edsa Corner North Ave, Quezon City

Robinsons Place Ermita (Midtown), Pedro Gil Corner Adriatico St., Ermita

Level 1, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Unit 1g06, Quadrant 7, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio City Center, Taguig City

Level 1, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

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Shopping Psychology 101

Posted by KCee |

Shopping is a girl's best friend. Embrace it; it's already a fact.

What else can lighten up a gloomy mood, stress, or even a broken heart, than a dose of retail therapy? Shopping acts like a wonderful pain reliever, muscle relaxant, Stresstab, Valium(?) and a potent anesthetic rolled into one.

It's remarkable how spending temporarily relieves negative feelings in an instant. Even quite unbelievable how it makes someone throw all her cares away and momentarily forget. Yes, it may be a transient feeling, but it works.

I can only assume that it all becomes possible due to the reality that shopping activities, like watching movies, is escapist in nature. Escapist in the sense that it teleports the person to a happy place where everything is nice and beautiful; a place where one is given all the reasons to pamper herself; a place where she can hear hypnotical voices pounding in her head saying "go ahead, SPLURGE, you SO deserve it!"

So shopping turns a person into some kind of a psycho, eh? Of course not. It's perfectly normal to have feelings of wanting to compensate for pain, loss, anger, frustration or stress. The personal reward system actually works, by making one feel good even for a while.

I remember a college classmate before; whenever she's short with money, she goes to the mall dressed-to-kill and all made up only to spend the entire day window shopping. For her, that activity lifts her spirits up instead of getting frustrated over the things that she couldn't buy.


Fixing a Broken Heart

On the other hand, the negative repercussion of shopping with a broken heart is the credit card bills that need to be settled later on, especially if you spent beyond what you can afford.

Most people turn Machiavellian and rationalize that it's okay and as long as "the end justifies the means". Wallowing in debt and clutching their designer bags while credit card agents harass them over the phone.

No, really, I'm fine

But if you're an average-salaried employee, it's wise to slow down, stay away from expensive shops and just go to stores where you can buy something nice for a fraction of the price.

There are a lot of Everything $1 dollar or so stores, thrift shops and garage sales around, if you only have very little to spare. Sounds cheap, you might say. But if you think about it, the satisfaction lies in the act of buying something for yourself, so it actually gives you the same feeling without hurting your budget, big time.

Better yet, if you have just enough to buy a Frapuccino or two in Starbucks, grab a friend and do your heart-to-heart talk there after some window shopping. The ambiance is perfect and you can talk and stay as long as you want. Remember not to sip too quickly, though. :)

Good if you're the kind who can just go home, psychologize and sleep over a bad feeling. You're lucky if you're one of those who can deal with it without having to depend on shopping to make you feel better.

Oh, don't we wish most of us could?


So Shoe me!

Posted by KCee |

They say shoes speak a lot about a person.

My Dad always reminds us back then to wear a nice pair of clean and polished shoes wherever we go. He believes that even a beautiful face could not erase a bad shoe first impression.


When I meet people for the first time, I can’t help but look at their shoes. I think it comes natural to shoe hags like myself to check it out first. Are they the comfy type? Conservative? Outrageous? Stylish? Rugged?

It may sound shallow, but some people gain my admiration by the way they carry their shoes. After all, in my opinion, it tells a lot about their personality and how much or how little they care for themselves.

One doesn’t need to have an expensive pair, or the latest style; something in good condition will do, but strictly no ‘smiling’ (or peep toes that are not originally designed that way) and grimy shoes please. Unless you’re someone who totally could not afford to buy a second pair, that wouldn’t be understandable.

Whenever we put together a good outfit, wearing good shoes not only serves as the icing on the cake, but it completes the whole look. Do you agree?

So what shoes are you wearing today?

Me, I'm wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin in my daydream. :)


Baby High Heels, Anyone?

Posted by KCee |

Speaking of high heels, I thought I should talk about heels while I'm still in this embryonic moment and feeling all heel-y.

When I first saw this pair at, I fell in love with it! I would have gotten this for my Little Lady without thinking twice! Of course, it's in fuchsia pink patent with a cute satin zebra print lining. Any baby will look adorable in this pretty pair.

These are actually "crib shoes designed to look like high heels" as described in their website. I also love the purse-shaped packaging with that oh-so-big rhinestone and the cute heart tag.

I'm amazed on how people come up with creative ideas like this. Sometimes I also cook up great ideas in my head that don't reach the implementation stage.

Hmm... *thinks hard* :)

Image courtesy of


Who's Wearing Red Heels?

Posted by KCee |


I am a writer-by-heart. Struggling freelance graphic artist. Single stagemom. Dreamer. Sentimental. Hopeful romantic. Stubborn. Strong-willed. But through it all, I'm forever an optimist.

"I find beauty in the worst situations. It’s a gift, but it’s also a state of mind. So it can be done."

Read more about me HERE.

I've always been fascinated with shoes. Most especially beautiful, 'hard-to-walk-in-impossible-looking' shoes that only some dare to wear in real life.

Wearing heels give me a different kind of high.

Okay, I'm being totally mental with that statement. But being elevated two to four inches higher not only adds length, but also gives the wearer a certain air of class, as it compels her to maintain proper posture to achieve an overall stylish look.

Apart from the idea of 'feeling' (not 'being', because that's not always the case) beautiful while in these shoes, in a deeper sense, it can also represent empowerment and courage to lift one's stature. After all, making ourselves shine above the rest is as hard as fitting into these shoes, walking in them, tripping most of the time, and getting corns and calluses along the way before achieving skillful mastery.

Welcome to my new blog! Please join me as I endeavor to write about a single woman's view of the world while striding in high heels.

If you will notice, I chose not to go barefooted in my second home. :)

P.S. Most importantly, I love anything in red and fuchsia. ^^,


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Hello friends!

This blogroll is exactly the same as the one I have over at Barefooted Me. If you find your link here, kindly add this new blog to your list.

For those who wish to exchange links with me, please link me up first and leave a comment here after doing so, and I'll add you up in a jiffy.

Thanks for visiting my second home. Have a great day! :)


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